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Can I Carry Microwave On Airplanes?

Microwave Oven is not a common check-in item In Flight hence lots of confusion surrounds it.

Yes, you can carry microwave oven in flight, both International and Domestic.

Is It allowed to carry Microwave on airplanes?

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– Can I carry microwave in flight? – How does airlines handle luggage marked as Fragile? – Will it be handled carefully to avoid damage?

Questions that were bothering me were:

The best way will be if you have retained the original packing i.e both the box and thermocol fillers, but this is not very common.

How to pack a microwave for flight?

Tell at the baggage counter that you are carrying Microwave oven, they will arrange for special handling at no extra cost.

How to Check in Microwave at airport?

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At the check-in counter, the attendant was surprised when I told them I was checking in a microwave. She called her supervisor and confirmed if it can be checked in. To my relief, the answer was yes.

I was happy to see my microwave box unscratched at the destination airport.

Yes, you can take microwave oven in International flight provided it meets the check in luggage criteria. 

Can I Take Microwave Oven In International Flight?

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The electricity wattage of appliance in all countries are not same so electric items may not work!

But the question is should You carry microwave to a foreign country?

This was my experience with AirAsia, I assume other airlines follow the same protocol while handing fragile checked-in luggage.

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