This year labour day is on 4th september which is a Monday, so hurray…. its going to be an extended weekend!!

Labour Day Flight Deals For You

Did you miss out on early booking advantage and now the flight rates have skyrocketed? Worry not, here is a good news for you!!

You still can get good deals on last minute booking using the tips mentioned in this post, keep reading….

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Hacks to get cheap flights on Labour day

4th September holiday is to celebrate the acheivements of workers. This labour movement is what ensured 8 hrs work, 8 hrs recreation and 8hrs rest.

Let’s celebratre it by indulging into recreation as its going to be an extended weekend!!

Following hacks help you sneak good deals on flights even if its late in the game…

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labour day flight deals

Google Flights Anywhere

Using the power of Google Flights and specifically the search anywhere or Explore hack in the tool, you will find many cheap options from you city.

Finding these cheap flights are pretty cheap as well!

Do this on your desktop/laptop as mobile view does not justify the power of this tool.

Just navigate to Google Flights Explore

Click on the Calendar and select September

The map on the right hand side will show you the lowest flights from your city!

For detailed step by step guide, do read Google Flights Explore Hack For Best Airfare

Priceline Flights Express Deals

Priceline Express deals is just ment for last moment travelers!!

You will find the cheapest flight tickets here even when other OTA’s are selling for crazy price…

To get Express Deals on Priceline Flights, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Priceline Flights Express Deals
  2. Enter your departure and arrival cities
  3. Select tentative date of travel(airfare are visible in the calendar itself!)
  4. And get amazed by the airfares listed

Do read detailed step by step guide to get best airfare on Priceline Flights

Skyscanner Search Anywhere Flights

Skyscanner is a popular flight search engine, just like Google Flights. The difference is it lists budget carriers like Southwest as well. This gives you additional benefit as at times these budget carriers do offer great last moment deals.

Search flights in Skyscanner is pretty easy as well, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to Skyscanner Flights
  2. Leave the destination blank
  3. Select the dates you want to travel
  4. Hit the search button

And be ready to see the magic!! Keep scrolling down and it will keep on giving you the best places to fly in budget…

Need more details, do read Skyscanner Search Anywhere For Best Flight Deals

Follow airlines on social media

At times, airlines announce special deals on social media, so make sure you follow your favourite airline on social media to get great deals that lasts for short time.

Check flights from Nearby airports

At times, flights from nearby ariports are pretty cheap, do check out this hacks on Skyscanner Flights Near by Airport

Labour day flights web story


How to get cheap flights for Labour day long weekend?

To get cheap flights on Labour day, start looking for deals approximately 2 months in advance. If you made last moment plans, there are search anywhere features provided by Google Flights and Skyscanner that will help you find cheap flights from your city.
Priceline Express deals are another way to secure cheap tickets at last moment.


Booking flight tickets atleast 2months in advance gives you advantage of exploring more but last moment plans need last moment deals!!

Hope this post helped you get a good deal on your Labour day flight.

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