Last Minute Flight Deals For Labour Day


Missed booking flight ticket for Labour day and now the prices  are high?

These hacks can still get you good deals...

The first hack is Google Flights Explore Feature, view it on laptop for best experience.

Google Flights

Just navigate to Google Flights Explore, select your dates and see the best flight tickets on map!! Note: Google Flights do not list few budget airlines

Priceline Express Deals

Almost always gets you best rates for last moment bookings!!

Yes, Priceline is good for Flight bookings as well along with Hotel Bookings!

Priceline Express Deals

Priceline Express Deals gets you cheap flight tickets, but be cannot cancel these tickets once booked.

Navigate to Priceline Flights Express Deals, enter your origin and destination, select dates and see the magic happen!!

Skyscanner Search Anywhere

Like Google Flights, Skyscanner is also a flight search engine, but its bit different...

Skyscanner Search Anywhere

Skyscanner also lists budget airlines like Southwest. This tool is also very easy to use.

You can also find some good deals on airlines social platforms, these deals are for short period only. So start following your favourite airlines on Social media!

Nearby Airports

Booking flights from nearby airports also can get you better airfare. Google Flights and Skyscanner both have this facitlity to search nearby airports.

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