Travel Jargons

Understand the lingo, travel terms, acronyms and glossary used frequently while traveling.

Airline AllianceIts a pact between multiple airlines where they serve passengers by providing their planes and share the profit.Eg. Star allianceThis helps airlines capture more passengers.
Airport CodeIts a 3-4 letter code used to represent each airports in the world.This is to provide an unique id to airports that is used for technical and operational reasons.
Airport LoungeThis is a facility at airport where passengers with valid credit/debit card or business class ticket can rest, enjoy food till its takeoff time.The passengers can arrive at airport 3-4 hrs early and can relax at lounge comfortably.
Airport TerminalThis is the building where passengers assembel during arrival or departure.This is the stop where all the travelers have to reach to board plane.
Basic EconomyThis is the cheapest flight ticket on any flight.This is no frill ticket where barest minimum service is provided to traveler.
Boarding PassThis is the document that is given to traveler after he has shows up at the airport and verifies his ticket.This means you have the permission to board the flight.
Business ClassThis is expensive ticket that offers extra seat space and other aminities.Passengers get priority boarding, snacks, lounge facilities with this ticket.
Carry on baggageThis is the piece of luggage that is allowed to be with you in flight. It has dimension and weight restrictions.You can carry your important and expensive items (laptop etc) in this. Items that can be used to hurt others are not allowed in carry bags(spray,knifes etc)
Check InYou can check In either online or offline. By doing this you confirm that you intend to get on the plane.Airlines gets the latest confirmation about your travel.
Checked In BagThese are the luggage that go in the aeroplane’s cargo you are flying.Do not keep any thing that you may need while on flight. Also battery chargers are not allowed in it.
E-TicketA ticket that you have in digital form.No need to carry printout of this.
Excess BagThe luggage that is over and above the flight approved luggage count.You need to pay for it, either at the time of booking ticket or on the airport(this is costly)
Flight ItineraryThis is the complete detail of your flight, like which airport the flight is from, what date and timeThis is very useful to ensure you stick to your schedule.
LayOverA stop between your origin and destination where you need to change aircraft. Also called connection.You may get cheap airfare on flights with layover.
Low Cost CarrierAirlines that offer the barest minimum facilities on flight like you need to buy snacks,tea etc seperately.The flight tickets are cheaper as compared to other flights.
No-ShowWhen a passenger is not able to board flight, its called No Show.Airlines may allocate that seat to a stand by passenger.
NonRefundable ticketThe ticket where no cancellation, change of flight is allowed.These tickets are cheaper than refundable tickets.
Non stop flightA flight that takes off from Origin and lands at destination only with no layover.These flights save a lot of time and at times its tickets may be costly.
Prohibited ItemsHazardous items like battery, fuel etc are not allowe to be carried on flight.This is for the safety of flight and passengers.
RoundTrip ticketThe ticket where you buy both onwards and return tickets in same booking.At times round trip tickets may be cheap.
StandbyIf a person request to trael early or later than his booked flight, he is put on standby and allowed to swithc flight in case there is a vacant seat.In case there is no show, airline allows person who is in a hurry.
Transit VisaIn case your flight have a layover, you may need transit visa. You cannot step out of airport.This is the permission granted to pass through a country.