Is HappyFares Legit? HappyFares Review as per my experience

With new flight booking platforms popping up, leaveraging the latest AI technology to get you cheapest flights, there is a mass confusion on how dependable these new flight booking platforms are.

In this post I will be sharing my experience of using for booking my flight and other related stuff, keep reading happyfares review if this is what you are looking for…

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What is HappyFares?

HappyFares is a new flight booking platform targating Indian consumers for now. It is not very common to have a .in domain for a flight booking platform, but thats what HappyFares got giving the impression that its going to run its initial business in India.

Why use HappyFares?

With so many established players like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, etc alredy present, HappyFares is making its presence felt by offering lowest airfare, atleast for now.

How HappyFares is able to offer cheap flights?

Happyfares has a business agreement with all major airlines and the new ones where they get bulk booking rates for a limited number of seats.

HappyFares pass on the discounted rate to its customers, hence the cheap airfares.

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Is it safe to book flight tickets with HappyFares?

Yes, it is completely safe to book air tickets using HappyFares, I am saying this from my personal experience. I and my friends have booked flights using this Online platform multiple times and completed our trip successfully.

HappyFares clearly informs that your name will appear on the airline website after 9pm, 1 day before your travel date. This is due to the bulk booking feature.

So in case you are getting restless because your name does not appear in the airline website, you are not alone!

I was on the same boat but as informed by HappyFares, my name popped up after 9pm the day before my flight and I comfortably check in!!

My experience with ticket booking using HappyFares

I am a budget traveler and am always on lookout for cheap flight tickets.

For my trip to NorthEast part of India, I followed my process of searching for cheap flights i.e check out fares on aggreagrors like Skyscanner, Google Flights, MakeMyTrip, GoiBibo.

Skyscanner offered me lowest airfare, redirecting me to Happyfares.

As next step, I browsed HappyFares website to check if they were offering better rate. I did the same with the airline website, in this case it was Akasaair

Both places were showing higher airfare for the same flight, so i continued with Skyscanner link and booked ticket with HappyFares.

It was my first time booking ticket with HappyFares but one of my friends had used it before, so I went ahead.

On the website, HappyFares clearly mentioned that my name will appear 12 hrs before the departure time.

HappyFares review disclaimer


Is HappyFare Safe?

Yes, I have personally used this site for flight booking and got cheapest airfare. I completed my journey without any issue. People get uncomfortable as their name does not immediately appear on airline PNR, this is not an issue. Its by design and HappyFares website clearly mentions it for the special fare ticket.

How to get refund from HappyFare?

Getting refund from HappyFare is easy provided you have booked a flight ticket that is refundable. Do note that the cheap flight tickets (notified by HappyFare) are not refundable, for others follow the simple steps to cancel.

Why I am not able to see my booking on Airlines website after booking ticket from Happyfares?

For special category fare (the cheapest arifare), the booking is done under bulk category and your name will appear on the airline website 12 hrs before the departure.


My verdict: HappyFares is a legit online platform to book flight tickets. I have reviewed it based on my own experience along with inputs from one of my friends who is an avid budget traveler.

Hope this HappyFares Review helped you make decision.

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