How to book flight tickets on Google?

Flight bookings can get really challenging especially if you are looking for the cheapest flights available. Good that Google Tickets Booking provides easy-to-use tools that can get you cheap flights.

In this post, you will get tips that can be easily used while booking air tickets that will save you some money.

Let’s get started…

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Guide To Google Tickets For Flights

To book a Google ticket on GoogleFlights, Just follow these simple steps along with money-saving tips and you may get the best airfare!

  1. Navigate to Google Flights
  2. Type the city from which you will be boarding the flight and the city where you will be landing.
  3. Select if it’s going to be a one-way flight or if you need a return flight
    • Tip: Most of the time a return flight is cheaper
  4. Select the class of travel
    • Tip: Economy Class is the cheapest, and Business class is the most costly
  5. Enter the number of travelers
  6. Click on the calendar to select the date of travel
    • Tip: If you are flexible with travel dates, play around with the dates and find the cheapest day to fly!
  7. Hit the search button and it will list out the flights matching your search criteria.
  8. Select one of the flights and it will show you booking options
    • Note: Google Flights will suggest the provider, you can go with anyone. Google Flights do not have the option to book tickets!
    • Tip: If you have not heard about the provider who is offering the cheapest rate, do read some reviews before booking the tickets with it.
  9. Enter the additional details and make the payment. You will get tickets in your registered email.

Google Flights Is The Most Searched Online Site For Flight Booking

A trend analysis of 12months clearly shows Google Flights is the most searched Online flight booking site. The graph is the pictorial presentation of the same.

Google Tickets: most used online site for flight booking

Google Tickets For Flights: How To Book Air Tickets Like A Pro?

The steps mentioned above are the basic vanilla steps that will get you the cheapest airfare but it may be time-consuming.

To save time on air ticket booking, Google Flights provides many filters using which you can quickly find the best ticket for your need like a Pro!!

Google Flight Booking Filters

Filters provide you with the flexibility to weed out the stuff you don’t need or need, quickly. Eg: You may not want a very early morning flight or a flight with a layover or one that has baggage restrictions.

All these (and more) can be filtered out upfront so that you get only the list of flight that is suitable for your needs. Following is a quick reference of which filters to apply and when.

Flight RequirementFilter to use
Control the number of stops flights takeStops
Want to fly via any particular airline or vice versaAirlines
Number of carry-on bagsBags
Need control over ticket pricePrice
Want to travel at a specific time?Times
Concerned about carbon footprints?Emissions
Want to include or exclude any particular airport for connecting flightConnecting Airports
Want/Don’t want a long-duration flightDuration

Google Flights Features To Find Cheap Flights

You already experienced the Google Flights Calendar to find cheap flights. It was one of the easiest to use. There are six other features of Google Flights that can get you cheap airfare.

Following are the other features in Google Flights:

  • Explore Mode
  • Flexible Calendar
  • Flight Alert
  • Multi Airport
  • Price Graph
  • Price Matrix

Need details on how to use these Google Flights Hacks? Check out How To Get Cheap Flights Using Google Flights


Does Google Flights offer the cheapest tickets?

Google flights may not offer the cheapest tickets everytime, but it does provide tools that shows the price trend of the particular route.
Recently Google flights shave started it price gurantee in some countries with certain conditions.

Is Google Flights an airline?

No, Google Flights is a flight search engine, it does not have its own fleet of aircrafts, not it own an airline.


Google Tickets booking on Google Flights is easy. If you follow the tips mentioned in this post, you will definitely get cheap flight online from the comfort of your home.

Understand the tools provided by Google Flights & use the filters to quickly find your flight.

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