Google Flights App

Google is a giant but it does do a few things that may not look logical. This post lists some of these kinds of queries.

Keep reading if you also find Google weird in some ways!!

Is Google Flights An App?

Google flights is the most used Flight search website. This platform from the search giant and master of millions of apps is not an App!!

Yes, you read it correctly, Google Flights Is Not An App!!

It is a web-based tool that provides amazing functionalities and the only thing missing in its amazing features is the mobile app on any platform.

Is Google Flights Accurate?

Google flights is a flight search engine, it pulls flight data from various websites, Online travel agencies and airlines. It has its own algorithm of fetching the data and displaying it to its users.

Most of the time Google Flights data is accurate but there is a small window where the data changes at the provider’s end and Google servers are still caching the old data.

Anyhow, this will hardly have any impact on your booking as once you click on that link, it will fetch the correct data and in the worst case, you wasted a click & few seconds!!

How Does Google Flights Price Tracker Work?

In case you are looking for a cheaper flight than what Google flights are showing, you have two options:

  1. Come back another day and check
  2. Set an Alert on Google flights and you will get an email whenever there is a price drop!!

Alerts are the best way to track flights on Google flights. You just have to hit the track toggle button and you are ready for tracking flight!!

How do I get listed on Google Flights?

To get listed on Google flights or any other third-party platform like Skyscanner, kayak, etc, you will have to connect with that metasearch provider.

Usually, this is through an inquiry form that is made available on their website or other business listings.
For Listing in Google Flights, you can fill in your details on Google Partner support

How do Google Flights make money?

Like Google which is a search engine for anything and everything, Google Flights is a search engine only for Flights.

The business that is listed in Google Flights, give a small % of sale to Google Flights. At the cost of oversimplification, you can think Google Flights earn via affiliate sales!

Note: Recently Google updated that it will stop charging airlines for bookings done via Google Flights. Will have to wait and watch how Google supports a non-revenue model for its flight platform.

How to advertise on Google Flights?

Google flights do not advertise on its website.
If your question is related to listing your business in Google Flights, you need to connect with Google Partner support and provide your details. Google flights team will take it from there.

Is car rental available on Google Flights?

No, Google flights is optimized for air travel. It also has some support for hotel booking but it’s not something to be proud about. Also, car booking is not an option here.

How to change Google Flights currency?

By default, Google flights display currently of the country you are accessing from but you can easily change it by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting the appropriate currency from the dropdown.

Why Google flights calendar not showing price?

Google flights calendar is the first place where airfare is listed. In case its not visible it could be due to:
1. Both Origin and Destination not selected
2. Internet or the device is slow
3. Some intermittent issue but its very rare.

How to search on Google flights with no dates?

Google flights Explore provides that option where you just have to enter the starting point and leave everything else as is. Once on Map view, you can also opt for Flexible dates and select a range of months instead of specific dates.

Why is Google Flights not working?

Google flight is a website and sometimes due to slow internet or device, it may appear to freeze. Waiting for some time or refreshing the browser will solve the problem.


Seems Google Flights had an app in initial phase but it was scrapped later, looks like a business decision rather than technical decision.

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