Google Flights Vs Priceline Flights: Is Priceline better than Google Flights?

I have been using Google Flights and Priceline for a while now. Hence this idea to jot down a comparison between the two came up. In case you are looking for inputs before using any of these platforms, do read this post.

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Comparing Google Flights and Priceline

Following is a quick comparison beteen these two platforms with reference to flight booking only.

Do read details to better understand the differences.

FeatureGoogle FlightsPriceline Flights
Mobile AppNoYes
Easy to useYesYes
Ticket booking featureNo*Yes
Loyalty ProgramNoYes
Feature rich*YesNo
Customer supportNo*Yes

Positives about Google Flights

Following are Google flights strengths:

  1. It is a Flight search engine, hence its reach is huge.
  2. It offers 7 hacks that are helpful in searching budget flight.
  3. The search is fast

What Google Flights lacks?

Following are few of the missing features from Google Flights:

  1. It does not include some budget airlines like SouthWest, Air China.
  2. It redirects to the vendor site for booking instead of having its own booking feature.
  3. It does not list error rates, which can be a big saving for customers.

What I like about Priceline Flights

Following are the positive points in Priceline Flights

  1. It offers Express deals that may be the cheapest for last minute bookings.
  2. Priceline VIP offers the cheapest rates available on Priceline, you save on time with this feature.
  3. Reward points can be used against bookings.
  4. Mobile app

What Priceline Flights lacks?

Following are few shortcomings for Priceline Flights:

  1. Priceline mobile app do not have all the functionalities of its web application.
  2. It displays ads on its web page
  3. Connecting to Priceline customer care is a task in itself.


While Google Flights is a flight search engine and Priceline an OTA. Both have its good and bad but for you to get cheapest flight ticket, you need to search on atleast 4 of your favourite websites/app before making a final decision.

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