How to find lowest airfare using Priceline Flights?

Priceline Flights cheap flights hack can surprise you, especially if you are booking pretty close to your day of travel.

Priceline is better known for its Hotel bookings especially for its bidding process (Priceline name your own price on hotel room), that is now not being offered by Priceline.

Like any other Online travel booking company, Priceline also offers the whole buffet of travel solutions. 

With Hotel room booking being the frontrunner, it also offers Airline ticket bookings, Car rental, Cruise bookings, Vacation plans and last but not the least, Disney World Tickets!

In this post, I will be sharing an amazing Priceline Airlines ticket booking Hack that will get you the cheapest airfare provided you are flexible with a few stuff.

Sounds interesting? Keep on reading and you will not be disappointed…

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How To Use Priceline Flights For Airline Ticket Booking?

Priceline provides an easy to use, self intuitive user interface. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse to website or download mobile app.
  2. Select the Origin and Destination
  3. Click on the calendar to select dates, you will find airfare mentioned on the dates making it very easy to select the cheapest dates!
  4. Hit the search button and Priceline will present you with list of available Flights.
  5. You will definitely not be able to miss the Express Deal, the early bird price (redeye flight) and its VIP tag. More on these in the section below.
  6. Select the flight and continue with checkout process.

Priceline Flights Hacks To Get Cheap Airline Ticket

You experienced the first hack when you clicked on the calendar. From the calendar you can see the cheapest airfare and go with it.

The second hack you must have noticed when you clicked on the Express Deals. 

This is an interesting deal, here you will be booking with one of the airlines mentioned in the deal and instead of flight time, you may have noticed “Morning takeoff”, “Evening Takeoff” etc.

The trick is, the exact airline and time of the flight will be revealed only after you have made the payment! 

And wait, this is not all, all bookings are final and cannot be cancelled!!

Remember, I mentioned in the beginning flexibility on few stuff is expected, I was speaking about these two points.

For full details do read Priceline Express Deal For Airline Tickets

Third hack is the Priceline loyalty program named Priceline VIP. Here you will get the cheapest airfare on Priceline based on your VIP Level.

For details, read the complete Guide To Priceline VIP

The fourth and final hack is the Priceline Credit Card points. You can earn points on any of the Priceline products or otherwise and earn points.

These points can be redeemed for Flights, hotels rooms, car rental.

For Details, read Priceline Visa Credit Card


Priceline Does Not Support Infants On International Flights

Strange but true: Priceline does not give option to book for infants!

Booking International Flight on Priceline? Not a good idea if you are flying with an Infant as Priceline does not support Infants on International Flights (As of writing this post).

In domestic flights, Priceline will allow you to add infant as traveler but as soon as you change it to an international flight, it will give you an error in red!!

In the Gif below, I have shown how the error pops up as soon as an international destination is selected. 

Priceline Does Not Support Infants On International Flights

So you will have to buy a full ticket (is that even an option? you cannot but a ticket for 2year old and carry your lap infant!!) or book your tickets from the Airline website directly where the Infant option is supported.

Many people have reached out to Priceline customer care about it, the response is Priceline does not allow it.

For buying international flight tickets, better go for Google flights or Sky Scanner flights. Even CheapOAir is an option.

Many people have reached out to Priceline customer care about it, the response is Priceline does not allow it.


Is Priceline Flights legit?

Yes, Priceline has made a name for itself and the deals it offers are legit.

 Is Priceline an Airline?

No, Priceline is an Online travel booking platform that aggregates all the airlines and make a profit by selling tickets for them. Priceline does not have its own aircrafts.

How do I check my reservation on Priceline?

Login using your credentials and click on Find my trip (right hand top). It will display a list of all the bookings done by you.


Priceline Flights provide good features that may get you cheap flights but do remember, different sites have low rates on different days, so its advisable to search at multiple sites before deciding.

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