My experience with Expedia

Expedia Flights, a name well known by all the travelers around the world. If you are planning for a vacation package or just flight or hotel room, Expedia is one of the websites you should explore.

Is Expedia Legit? This is a valid question, considering the great offers it give. In this post I have shared my personal experience about Expedia.

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Before answering the legitmacy of Expedia, a brief background will go a long way in building the confidence.

What is Expedia?

Expedia is an Online Travel Agency (OTA) that help you get good deals on Vacations, Flights, Hotel stay, car rentals, cruises.

Unlike travel search engines like Google Flights, Momondo or Skyscanner, Expedia provides you with the option of booking the tickets from its own site.

Expedia Flights

Expedia offers Flights booking as one of the options. The rich user interface offered by Expedia makes the flight booking seamless for the travelers.

How To Book A Flight On Expedia?

Booking a flight on Expedia is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Browse to
  2. Click on Flights option
  3. Select your travel dates (single or return or multicity)
  4. Enter your place of travel- Origin
  5. Enter your destination
  6. Select the dates and press the Search button.
  7. Now click on the flight option you find most appropriate for you, it will bring up the details of the flight along with the class option. Note: The price displayed is for per person, inclusive of all the taxes but luggage charges are extra.
  8. Once you select the flight class, it will prompt you to select your return flight. Note: In case you select a different return flight than the one offered by Expedia, the difference in fare will be displayed.
  9. You will be prompted for bundle deal with Hotel to save money.
  10. Go ahead and confirm your flight details. You can also opt for upgrades.
  11. Check the trip summary, price displayed and other details and click on the Continue Booking button at the bottom of the page and make the payment!

How To Get Cheap Flight Ticket On Expedia?

Following are few tricks using which you can get cheap flight tickets on Expedia.

1. Expedia Rewards:

Enroll for free with Expedia Rewards and get 10% or more instant savings on your bookings.

2. Expedia Flights Flexible Dates:

Flexible dates will get you the best price on the flight ticket.

This option is present on top of the displayed search results. Just click on the drop down and it will show you the airfares in a matrix format.

You can select the best return fare from the matrix.

3. Expedia Packages:

This is the best way of saving on your travel expenses. Expedia offers special rates if you book the whole travel i.e Flights, Stay, Car rental as package.

4. Expedia Points:

Take advantage Expedia loyalty program and earn points on your ever stay. You can use these points to book your future travel.

5. Expedia App:

Download the Expedia app and get double the points on every booking done!

Best Flight Deals: Expedia Vs Priceline Vs Google Flights Vs Momondo

With so many online travel search and booking platforms, you may wonder which one will give you the best deals on airfare and other travel bookings.

The truth is, no one platform will give you best flight deals as all sites have their special day when they offer the cheapest rates!

So, as a smart traveler you should scan all your favorite booking sites and book with what is best for you on that particular day!

Having said that, here is my experience with these travel platforms.

PricelineExpediaGoogle FlightsMomondo
Search and Booking siteSearch and Booking siteOnly searchOnly search
Mobile App availableMobile App availableNo Mobile AppMobile App available
Special Hotel booking toolNo special hotel booking toolNo special hotel booking toolNo special hotel booking tool
Rewards ProgramRewards ProgramNo Rewards ProgramNo Rewards Program
Mobile Only DealNo Mobile Only DealNo Mobile Only DealNo Mobile Only Deal

Expedia Login

To login to Expedia website, you need to create an account.

The account creation is free and simple process. Just click on Sign In link in top right hand, it will ask you basic details like name, email address and create your account

Once your account is created, use it to login from the same sign In link..

You can also login with your apple or facebook or Google accounts.

Expedia Rewards VIP Access

Join Expedia Rewards program for free and immediately start enjoying the benefits.

Expedia Blue:

This is the first level of membership you get as soon as you join. This gives you extra 10% savings and points.

Expedia Silver:

10 trips in a year will take you to Silver level. You earn 2 points on ever dollar spent along with free breakfast!

Expedia Gold:

25 trips in a year will earn you the Gold level. You will earn 3 points for every dollar spent along with late check out and free upgrades. 

Expedia Customer Service

Need to contact Expedia customer service? Well, you can speak to a virtual agent or Bot as popularly known now a days.

Expedia Owned Flight Search Platforms

Expedia is a full fledge travel booking site, it also has many subsidiaries that act only as the flight search engine.

Following are Expedia owned subsidiaries:

  1. Travelocity, 
  2. Orbitz, 
  3. CheapTickets, 
  4. Hotwire, 
  5. eBookers

Expedia Name Your Price

Expedia does not have the bidding feature like Name your price.

Expedia did start the Name Your Own Price in the year 2002 where you could place your price, enter credit card and other details.

Once a match was found, the room will be booked for you.

But now Expedia does not support Name Your Price feature.


How much is 4000 Expedia points worth?

Expedia 10,000 points is worth $100, so to find the worth of any point, do the math’s.
These points do not have any cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. You will have to spend it on the services provided by Expedia.


My verdict: Expedia is a legit website and travel booking platform. It has great features that makes people its client for life time!

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