Momondo Flights Tricks To Find Low Airfare In 2024

Momondo flights is one of the website where I explore to find cheap airfare along with Google Flights

Using following Advanced tricks to get cheap flights with Momondo:

1. Calendar View: Get the cheapest ticket via dates
2. Search Anywhere: Get the cheapest ticket to anywhere in the world.
3. Price trend: Read the trend and decide
4. Fare Alert: Get notified whenever airfare drops
5. Flight Filters: Remove noise and focus on what you want
6. Flight Explore: Explore the places with lowest airfare
7. Flight Insights: Decipher the insights and find the golden ticket

Flight is the biggest expense along with Hotel stay while traveling and no one OTA can boast of daily cheapest flights.

So you need to browse multiple sites to get cheapest airfare you are looking for.

Keep on reading to know tips and tricks how to get cheap flights using Momondo.

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What is Momondo?

Momondo is an Online Travel search engine (momondo website) where you can search and compare cheap Flight, Hotel stay, Car rental.

As a search engine, Momondo scraps through all the travel booking websites and bring to you the cheapest rates available.

It is part of Booking Holdings Inc that has various other online booking platforms like Booking.comKAYAK,PricelineAgoda etc

momondo cheap flights search

Momondo Flights

Momondo Flights is one of the popular options used by millions to search for cheap flights.

It scans hundreds of Online flight booking websites/agencies and present it to you in one place.

Unlike other flight booking website, Momondo does not provide the option of booking flight on its website, it simply directs you to the cheapest flight!

How to use Momondo to book cheap flights

Searching flights with Momondo is very easy, following are the steps you need to get to your cheap flight:

1: Browse to

Momondo Flights

2: Select One-way, Return or Multi-city option depending on how you plan.

3: Select number of passengers as per category i.e Adults, Infants, Toddlers, students etc

4: Choose the class you want to fly, options are 

  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Business
  • First class
  • Multi: Not many booking sites give this option, this indicates you may get different class in you connecting flights.

5: Key in your city from where you will be boarding the plane.

6: Input your destination city

7: Select the dates of your travel

8: Hit the search button

9: Select the cheapest flight as per your liking and it will take you to that website for further ticket booking process.

Momondo Flights Hacks for cheap flights

You can use the following hacks or tools provided in Momondo flights that will pop up cheapest flight tickets.

1: Momondo Calendar view: 

Momondo Flights Travel Dates

Click the calendar view of the month you plan to travel and it will display the cheapest dates to travel in that month without you even searching for it!

On top of it, you get the option of searching for exact date or +/- few days hence giving more flexibility in terms of the travel dates.

It also has pre-set filters like 

   Weekend: Your travel will be set for weekend

   Month: It will consider your travel dates as the                      departure date +4 weeks

2: Momondo Search Anywhere: Looking for the cheapest place to travel from your origin and the specific dates? 

Select “Can’t decide where to go?” and Momondo will show you the ticket rates on the map making it easy for you to select based on the airfare and location.

3: Momondo Price Trend: 

Momondo Price Trend

Once you select your Origin and Destination, just scroll down a bit to see the estimated price trend across next 6 months.

This helps you plan better if you are flexible with dates.

4: Momondo Flight Tickets Fare Alert: Not happy with the airfare you see? Set fare alert and Momondo Flights will send you an email when ever there is a drop in the flight rates in the route you opted for. 

5: Momondo Flights Filters: You will find many quick filter options in Momondo Flights using which you can set your preference of number of layovers, duration of flights etc.

This makes your search specific to your requirement rather than overloading you with all the available data. 

6: Momondo Flight Insights: 

Momondo Flight Insight

This is an excellent tool from Momondo where it will show you the trick to get the cheapest ticket for your Origin and Destination.

The suggestion includes cheapest month, cheapest time and the best fare price of the flight.

This option appears after you have clicked on search button.

7: Momondo Explore: 

Momondo Flight Explore

Looking for adventure in your travel? Try Momondo Explore.

Just enter your origin airport and it will search for you anywhere, any time, any duration!!

One of the very good tool to save on your travel if you are flexible with the dates and location.

Momondo Travel Restrictions

This is a new addition to Momondo where you can enter your departure country and it will show you on the world map which countries are allowing travelers.

Momondo Travel Restrictions

Pros and Cons of Momondo Flights

Momondo flights search a large number of OTABooking facility is not provided by Momondo
Search Anywhere option brings you the cheapest flight based on your Origin and dates of travel.This option makes the search very slow.
Displays the results in one page instead of popping up multiple websites like some of the other websites.Travel dates are mandatory, i.e it does not pop out the cheapest dates based on your OD pair.
Good for cheap economy flights.It may pop up some less known websites and you will have to do your due diligence before going ahead with your bookings.  

Momondo Airlines

Momondo is a travel booking tool, popularly used for its flight search feature.

Momondo do not have an airline as such for it but it scans through all the airlines websites to bring the best rates for you.

Momondo Travel- What else Momondo offers

Momondo Offers Hotel room booking, car rental and many other travel related facilities to give you a good travel booking experience.

Following are other travel offerings from Momondo:

Momondo Stays

Momondo Stays is the Hotel search option by Momondo. 

You can enter your location, the dates and it will search multiple websites to bring the best rates for you.

This best rates is again after scanning through 100’s (if not 1000’s) of online sites!

Momondo Hotel Booking

It also suggests many famous tourist places where you may want to visit and book your stay.

Momondo Car Rental

Like any Travel booking website, Momondo provides search for car rentals as well.

Momondo car rental

Momondo Things To Do

This is a helpful feature from Momondo if you want to check out what all activities are available in the city you  are planning to travel.

Momondo Vacation Packages

Looking for vacation package options and peace of mind? 

Momondo will search it for you, go ahead and enjoy your full inclusive vacations!

Momondo Trains and Bus

Trains and bus booking options are not very common on travel websites but Momondo fills this gap by giving you option to search for the best deal on Train or bus travel.

Note: I found Momondo searched only Greyhound bus service, even in the areas where FlixBus and MegaBus offer cheaper tickets.

Momondo Account

You can avail many helpful features from Momondo by creating an account with it.

Creating account with Momondo is very simple, you can either sign in with your email,, Facebook, Google or Apple account.

Advantage of having an account with Momondo

You will be able to use Trips feature of Momondo.

Trips allow you to Play your trip, Keeps you informed and collaborate i.e everyone in the trip will be shared itineraries with editing permission!

Momondo Points, Momondo Credit Card

Looking for Momondo Credit card? Need to know how to get and use Momondo points?

Well, stop looking, Momondo offers neither!!

For better or worse, Momondo do not offer any credit cards nor it has any points system where you can accumulate the credits and use it later.

This brings up an important question, Should I book with Momondo or Expedia?

With Expedia, you get points and are assured of “no fraud”.

My take is, go with Momondo if you get cheaper tickets than Expedia and the provider is a known brand.

Momondo Travel App

You can install Momondo App on your iOS or Android device.

Momondo App do not offer any App only deals, still its an useful app to have on your device if you are a frequent traveler and are constantly looking for best deals on your travel!

Momondo Alternatives

Other platforms that provide services similar to Momondo are:

  1. Priceline Flights
  2. Expedia
  3. Google Flights
  4. Sky Scanner

My verdict: Momondo is a legit flight search engine, to get most out of it people need to do some more search if the cheapest flight offered is little known.


Is Momondo Legitimate?

Momondo has been around for many years and the question of its legitimacy arise due to the fact that it pops up some unknown flight booking websites.
You need to understand, Momondo is a Flight search engine and it pops out the cheapest flights without actually validating its worthiness.

Is Momondo Good For Business Class Flights?

Well, Momondo does have a filter where you can select business class or first class but I believe for these kind of travels do not be completely dependent on the online sites.
Do connect with offline travel agents and they may be able to give you better price.


Momondo Flights should be among the list of sites where you should do your search for cheap flights.

In case there is less price difference in airfare, its better to book directly with airlines as it offers easy cancellations, loyalty points etc.

Hope you enjoyed Momondo Cheap Flights, read similar articles to save you money while traveling.

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