How to find cheap flights using Skyscanner nearby airports?

Did you ever notice that at times the flights are cheaper from nearby airports than the airport you are traveling from? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know upfront the airfare from all the nearby ariports without specifically searching for each one?

Well, Skyscanner has got just the correct feature for you, Add Nearby Airports while searching your flights!!

In this post I have shared my practical experience and I will show you the same how taking a flight from nearby airport saved me good amount of money per ticket, keep reading…

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What is Add Near By Airport in Skyscanner?

Add near by airport is a feature provided by Skyscanner where you can select this check box and while showing you the airfares, Skyscanner will also include airports near to your city of origin.

This way you will not have to enter each and every airport near your city, it will be automatically included. At times you will find flight tickets cheaper from nearby airports!!

How to use Skyscanner Flights Add Near by airport?

This feature is very easy to use, just following the steps:

  1. Browse to Skyscanner Flights
  2. Enter Origin and destination, select dates
  3. Just below city of origin, you will find “Add Nearby Airports” check box
  4. Check the box and hit the search button

Check the results displayed, you may find the nearby airport flights to be cheaper. 

In my case, I found the flight from London to Leeds was priced at £129 but from Luton the cost was just £81!!

skyscanner nearby airports

If you have good public transport connectivity between London to Luton and the cost is such that it makes sense to travel till Luton to get the flight, we have a money saver here!!

skyscanner cheap flights nearby airports


How to search for nearby airports while booking flights?

Skyscanner and Google Flights provide the option of searching nearby airports while searching. Google Flights named it as Multi airport.


Near by airport feature from Skyscanner is same as Google Flights Multi Airport and both are excellent way to get cheap flight tickets.

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