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How to use search anywhere to find cheap flights using Sky scanner?

 Skyscanner flights offer this excellent feature to find cheap flights from your location to anywhere in your country or worldwide called Skyscanner search anywhere flights.

This feature is best for travelers who are adventurous and willing to travel to any city that offers the cheapest flight on the day of booking!

This feature is also called search flights without destination.

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How to use Skyscanner search anywhere?

Search anywhere or search everywhere is very easy to use in Skyscanner, follow these simple steps:

  1. Just browse to Skyscanner
  2. Enter your city origin
  3. Click on To and instead of entering your destination city, just click on “Can’t Decide where?” and it will select Everywhere for you.
  4. Enter dates and hit the search button

skyscanner search anywhere flights

It will display list of cities, both domestic and International along with the airfare. Select the one that suits your budget or any city that you have not yet visited!!

How does Skyscanner search everywhere to get cheap flights?

Skyscanner search everywhere or interchangeably used with search anywhere lists out all the cities from your origin city and lists out airfare in ascending order of price.

You can see which destination city you want to go and if the airfare looks good to you, just book the flight and move ahead.

skyscanner search anywhere flights

When to use the Search everywhere feature from Sky scanner?

In case you are not able to make up your mind about which city to travel to and also need to keep a tab on your flight budget, you should go for this cool feature from Sky scanner.

You may be able to find air tickets to some international destinations as well at a pretty cheap price!!


Which flight booking tools provide a search anywhere feature?

The flight search engines like Google flights and Skyscanner give you the feature of searching flights without entering the destination city popularly known as “Search anywhere” in Google flights and “Search Everywhere” in Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a feature-rich flight search engine that brings you the cheapest flight available by comparing all the airlines and OTA.

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