Google Flights Provide Many Tools To Find Least Expensive Air Tickets

Which is your favorite flight booking tool? If you have not explored Google Flights to look for low airfare, you may definitely want to have a look at this amazing website.

In case you have been using Google Flights, this post may help you find the real power of this giant flight search platform, so keep reading…

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Deep Dive Into Google Flights

Google flights is a highly recommended tool for searching low priced flight tickets. Unlike Online Travel Agencies like Kayak and Expedia, Flights from Google are more of a Flight Search Engine. What it means is you can search for a flight but at the time of making the payment you will be redirected to the OTA or the airline that is offering the flight rate you selected.

Since it is different from conventional flight booking platforms, let’s list what is good and what is bad in this online tool.

Pros and Cons of Google Flights

Being a Google Product, it is super fastFor payment, it redirects to the actual provider
Offers 7 features that can help you find low fare flightsDoes not list budget airlines like Southwest
It shows a rate slider and informs if the price you are getting is typical or on the higher side on the selected route.At times, you may find flights cheaper with OTA’s as they have different types of agreements with the airlines.
The tool is feature-richThere is no mobile app for Google Flights

Google Flights Tricks To Find Cheap Air Tickets

You can explore the features of GoogleFlights by visiting the website You will be welcomed by a very simple-looking screen but its full of hacks that will help you get cheap airfare!!

Once you have set the basic parameters like Single or return journey, the number of travelers, and Class of travel, get ready for the exciting stuff…

Multi Airports

In the From box, click on the Plus symbol and add multiple airports from where you can travel.

Note: You can even select the Location icon to automatically fetch nearby airports.

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights: multi city flights google,google flightss

Now, why will anyone enter any airport other than the one in his city? The reason is, you may get a better deal on air ticket from a nearby airport!!

The same is possible for your Destination airport!!

Note: This is not same as Multi City option, click to read more about Muliti City Flights Google

Cheap Price Calendar

Moving on, click on the calendar to select the date, and here is the second trick that will help you find the lowest priced air ticket. Just play around with the dates to see which date/day offers the best rate.

google fligjhs Calendar,google flight alerts flexible dates

Air Ticket Cost History

This is not all, Google Flights will show you the Price History of the flight you selected, this will give you confidence that the airfare offered is really cheap or that you need to explore further for the best rates.

GoogleFlights Price comparison

Price Alert

In case the price history shows the flight cost is at the higher side, you can go back to the Flight search screen and set the Track Prices toggle. This will trigger an email to your registered mail address whenever there is a price drop for the flight you searched.

Google Floughts Tracking, google alerts for cheap flights

Read in detail about Google Flights Price Alert and how to set for best airfare.

Price Graph & Date Grid

If you want to dig deeper on when are budget friendly flights available, you can hit the Date Grid and Price Graph that are adjacent to the Track Price.

Google Flights Date Grid

These two features will help you quickly see on which dates you can get low airfare!! You will just love the view these two features provide.

Google Flights Price Graph google fflights

Explore For Best Airfare

Looking for more? There is a really cool feature that Google Flights offer in case you are an adventure traveler ready to travel to any destination that has the minimum flight ticket rate, its called Explore

Google Flights Explore, flights flexible dates google

Just hit the Explore Menu on the left-hand side, Enter your origin city, and leave the Destinatination and dates blank. Google flights will show you a map view of all the cities near you with airfare!!

Want to travel internationally? Just zoom out on the map view and you will see the International destinations with the flight ticket rates!!

Need more details on Explore, read this Quick Guide To Google Flights Explore Mode

Flexible Dates with Google

While in the Explore mode (as described above), you have an option to select fixed dates or go flexible. With Flexible dates, you can select a week or a month or 6 months range.

Google Flights will search for arifare within that range and will present you with the best flight tickets for your journey.

Do read Quick Guide To Get Most From Google Flexible Dates On Flights

How do I book a cheap flight with Google Flights?

With the steps mentioned above, hope you found the flight that will not break your bank! Now the next step is to book the ticket.

The process is simpel but there is one catch, Google does not take your money for booking the air ticket, instead it will redirect you to the provider whos offer your liked.

Confused? Read the full detail on booking air tickets with Google Flights

Does Google show the cheapest flights?

Google Flights may not always offer the lowest flight rates as many times OTA’s offer discounted airfare on particular days. The best approach is to always check with 3-4 websites before finally booking with the one you like.

Having said that, Google Flights can definitely give you a baseline for airfare. The green dates on the calendar tool, the shortest bar on the price graph shows the least expensive tickets available in Google Flights. The price history shows if the price offered is historically on the lower or higher side.

Where can I get cheaper flights than Google?

You should explore multiple flight search tools and flight booking tool to find the lowest rate. At times you will find other tools offering cheaper flighs than Google. This does not mean that other sites are better than Google, its just that on that particular day they are offering more discount!

Do read How To Find Cheap Flighs Online, here I have shared the tools I use apart from Google Flights for searching least expensive flights.

What day of the week are flights cheapest?

While there may be conflicting views on what day of the week and what time of the day flights are cheapest, I personally have noticed a pattern when on a particular day some OTA’s offer the most discounted rate while on other days its lower on Airline website and Flight search engines.

Do chek out Cheapest Day To Buy Airline Tickets for details


Can I cancel flight tickets booked on Google Flights?

Google flights is a flight search engine. It re-directs you to the airline or OTA for booking, hence in case of any cancellations, you need to directly reach out to the airline or OTA with which you have booked the flight.


Google flights is an excellent online flight search engine that will help you get pocket friendly airfares. Using the features built into the tool, you can find the best flight ticket like a pro!!

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