Use Google Flights Price Alerts To Find Cheap Air Tickets For Your Next Trip

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that will track flight price and do the heavy lifting for us including informing us?

Enters Google Flights Alert for price and alert price drop!

To get an alert from Google flight, you just have to search the flight with your criteria like departure and destination locations, class of travel, number of stops, number of travelers etc and set on the Google Track Flight Price toggle button. Every time there is a price drop, Google Flights will send you an alert message!

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What is Google Flights Alert?

As the name indicates, Flights Alert from Google Flights is an automated way to get notified when there is drop in airfare for a particular route or flight.

The alert is in the form of an email, its also popularly called as Google Flights Tracker.

How to set Google Alert For Flights?

Setting alert on GoogleFlights is as simple as searching for the flight you are intrested in and swithc on the toggel key!!

The Gif below shows how to quickly set the flight alert on to track price of flights.

Google Flights Price Alerts

Note: It will ask for your Gmail Id or take the registered Gmail id.

What should I track to get best out of Flight Price Tracker

Setting following alerts will be beneficial to you:

1. Flight Alert for a Particular date range

Just navigate to Google flights, set your filters with specific dates and hit the search button. Check the flight fares, if its not what you expected, hit that toggle button beside Track Prices.

2. Track a specific Flight

In case you want to track any particular airline only for the route, after hitting the search button, Select the particular airline from the airline filter. Now set the toggle button On.

3. Price drop of a particular route on any dates

In this case, instead of setting toggle for specified date range, you want to get alert for a particular flight in any date range, switch on the toggle of “Any dates” instead of the particular date toggle button.

Once the toggle is set on, you will see a notification informing price alert is on.

google flight price tracker: Google Flights Alert Tracking Price

How to find all the tracked flights on Google?

To view all the flight alerts, click on the top left three lines-> Tracked Flight Prices

The Gif below shows the quick process

flight price tracker:How to set google flights alert to get the best deal?

How to delete tracked flights on Google?

In case your journey is done and you want to stop the email alerts, you can navigate to tracked flights and click on the Trash can icon. This will delete the alert.

In case you just want to stop the email, click on the bell icon beside the trash can and it will stop sending notifications.

Advantages of Google Track Flights alert

Just by setting this alert, you can concentrate on other tasks without worrying about missing the cheap flight.

Its an excellent tool to use to find cheap flights.

How does Google Track Flights?

With the help of technology, Google gathers all the flight prices listed on a particular day. If you have set a price alert, Google bot triggers an email to your registered email id.

Google Track Flight FAQ’s:

Where will I get Google Alerts for Flights?

You will get the alerts on the email you registered at the time of login.

 Why I need to login to set flight alerts?

The alerts are sent via email, without login Google will not know which id to send the alert.

How To Get Google Flights Price Tracking Alerts on cell phone?

Google Flights sends alerts by emails only. As Google flights does not have an app, the native alert mechanism does not come in picture here. 
But if you have configured your email on your cell phone i.e installed email app, as and when any email comes in your inbox, you will see the alert on the phone as well if you have not muted it in the settings.


Use of automation can really bring comfort in our lives. Google Flight Price Tracker Alerts is one such easy to use automation that you must use while looking for cheap flights.

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