Guide to Online Cheap Flights

Gone are the days when you would call flight booking agencies and agents to book flights, ask for the cheapest available flight, etc. With automation, finding cheap flights online and booking one has become very easy.

You can find cheap airfare yourself by spending some time on easy-to-use websites.

In this post, I have shared some tricks that will help you search for flights like a Pro!!

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How To Find Cheap Flights Online?

The first step to finding cheap flights online is to identify which online platform you want to use. There are many, few having some specialty, and most are just run-of-the-mill.

Do not rely on any one tool, best approach is to check on atleast 3-4 tools along with the Airline website before booking. Tip: Do all the research incognito

Unless you have your favorite flight booking platform, you can the list below .

Tip: Being flexible with the dates will help you get cheapest flights.

1. Google Flights:

It is the best tool to start searching. Make sure to leverage the features provided to find cheapest flights on Google Flights. Get an idea which month and dates the flights are cheapest by using Google Flights Matrix/Graph.

2. Skyscanner Flights:

This is also an amazing tool. Play around with the tool and you may find few additional deals on top of those provided by GoogleFlights. Skyscanner lists few airlines that are not included in Google Flights.

Check out Skyscanner Hacks For Cheap Flights in case you are new to this tool. It provides really excellent features to help you search airfare like a pro!

3. Southwest Airlines:

This is the biggest budget airlines and my favourite. It allows you free luggage, free cancellations and many more amazing features. To top it up, it also has a low fare calendar where you may get the cheapest flight tickets!

In case Southwest do not operate from your city, look for Frontier or Spirit airlines

4. Priceline Flights:

This is the best in case you are booking flight at the last moment. The Priceline Express Deals on Flights give you the best airfare provided you are open to odd hour fligh take off.

5. Other OTA’s:

Now you can use any of your favourite Online Travel Agent (OTA) like Expedia, Momondo, CheapOair.

In case you are booking a bundle like Flight,Hotel and Car rental Expedia may amaze you with its rates!!

Based on your findings, go ahead with your booking. Do note that Southwest, Priceline , Expedia etc also have loyalty programs. Make sure to leverage it to earn points/redeem points for flight tickets.

How To Further Reduce Cost Of Air Travel?

Flight Ticket is definetly the biggest expense, now that you have taken care of it lets address the small expenses. These may be small, but combined together it may become a substiantial amount.

1. These could be your:

  • ride to and from the airport,
  • your snacks at the airport,
  • currency exchange,
  • sim card purchase,
  • gift shops at the airport.

Do read the detailed guide to saving on Airport expenses

2. Make use of Unaccompanied Minors facility provided by airlines to avoid making that trip even if its not needed.

3. Get free luggage with Southwest or travel with just a smal bagpack. You can also use your airline points to pay for luggage.

How to earn from your flight ticket?

Do you know you can actually make money from your flight ticket? Here is how the trick works…

All the airlines book extra tickets considering some “No Show” or last moment cancellations. In case its a bad day for the Airline and everyone showup, the airline offers credit points to those willing to take other flight!!

The credit points value could be anywhere between $500 to $1000!!

Some interesting travel hacks to save money on Air Travel:

1. Save on luggage fees:

If you are a backpack traveler, this hack may not be for you but in case you have to travel with 2 full size checked in luggage, this will bump up your air ticket by few $100’s…

In such case its better to travel with airlines that do not charge for luggage, like Southwest Airlines in the US.

Once I shifted my all home essentials by using southwest while traveling with my family!

Can we carry a microwave in airline? My Experience!

2.Get Bumped:

Most of the time Airlines over book by calculating the last moment cancellations, no show etc.

At times when everyone show up on time, Airline scramble to accommodate all by offering incentive to take a later flight that is not that crowded.

Once while travelling to Mexico from US with my friend, we got a $1000 in flight credit + Hotel Stay + money for food for boarding a different flight!!

3. Return flight or two single flights?

At times buying two single flights are cheaper, more so if your origin and destination are busy airports.


Are flight tickets cheaper offline than online?

Offline ticket bookings are either from the Airlines (will always be on the higher side) or travel agents. Travel agents may give you better deal by slashing their own comission but that will happen only if you have found an excellent deal online and challange Agent to better it!


You may not get the best deals everytime, on your flight tickets but by just following the points mentioned in this post, you are more likely to find cheap flights online.

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