Google Flights Search Anywhere is a cool tool to find cheapest flights from your city

Google is the biggest search platform where you will find information about anything under the sky, and above it!! Google Flights is specifically for searching flights.

Google Flights provides many features that will help you find cheap flights, out of all Google Flights Search Anywhere is a cool feature that is for the adventurous kind of people or budget travelers who are willing to travel to any place in the world that is the cheapest!

This hack can also help you finalize which city to travel to in case you are not able to decide. So let’s deep dive to understand more about this tool.

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What Is Google Flights Search Anywhere?

Anyone coming to Google Flights either has the travel destination and dates in mind or comes looking for a recommendation. Using this tool from Google flights you can search anywhere in the world…. even without specifying what you are searching for!!

It provides this cool feature of searching anywhere under the menu “Explore” where you can just enter your city of origin and

  • Get a list of destinations that are the cheapest from your city
  • Search 6 months in advance for the airfares
  • Select a date range to fetch the best flight rates

How To Use Google Flights Search Anywhere?

Google Flights Search anywhere
Google Flights Explore->Search anywhere

Steps to use Search Anywhere on Google Flights

  • To use the search anywhere feature, Navigate to Google Flights->Explore menu
  • By default, your city will be populated in the From box
  • In case you have any time frame in mind, you can enter the dates or click on Flexible Dates and select a range.
  • The map view will show the cities near you along with the airfare
  • You can further zoom out to include cities farther away, even an International destination
  • You can also zoom in to see cities closer to your origin.
  • Click on the city that you find interesting and more details like :
    • Typical price range,
    • airlines offering best rates
    • Places to visit in the city
    • Hotels to stay
    • Best time to visit
    • Questions that people have in mind for this city

Advantages Of Using Google Flight Search Anywhere

You should use Search anywhere on Google flights as it offers the following advantages:

  1. It’s Free!!
  2. It allows you to be flexible with the dates and destination
  3. It shows the cheapest flights from your city to anywhere in the world!
  4. Easy-to-use feature with excellent user experience (UX)
  5. Helps you decide where to travel
  6. You can plan 6 months in advance using this feature

Dis-Advantages Of Google Flights Search Anywhere

There is always the other side of the coin. Following are the disadvantages of search Google flights to anywhere:

  1. Skyscanner search anywhere offers 1year advance search
  2. Too much flexibility may lead to too much confusion!!


Is Google Flights Search Anywhere Available in India?

Yes, Google flights search anywhere is available in India and all other countries.

How Do Google Flights Search Anywhere Get Cheap Flights?

The search anywhere feature looks up the cheapest airfare from your city by loosely considering the date range.

How do I search all destinations on Google Flights?

Google search anywhere actully search all destinations from your city. It can be either accessed from the Explore menu or on the Google Flights search just leave the destination blank. It will trigger search all destinaitons on Google Flights.

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