You Will Be Amazed By How Much Money Google Flights Saves For You!

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Why is Google Flights cheaper?

Google Flights  is an Online flight booking agent that offers many features that will help you find cheap flight tickets.

You will have to make use of these tricks, then only you will find cheap flight tickets else it may be just like any other OTA platform.

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How much money Google Flights save?

Note: Your savings will be different depending on how early or late you are booking, your to and from cities, etc.

Google flights offer 7 features, depending on your situation you may use one of these tricks and save anywhere between $10-$150 per ticket!!

The 7 Google Flights features mentioned below are not in any particular order, it’s just a list. Each may sound more powerful once you apply it to your unique situation.

1. Flight Calendar

This may not actually qualify as a hack as it’s available in the vanilla flight search feature as well but it’s a very simple and powerful feature that will immediately help you select the cheapest flights on any particular day of any month.

When To Use Google Flights Cheap Calendar?

When you are in a hurry or don’t want to stress yourself with all the if’s and but’s of other hacks, this one is just the perfect hack for you.

How Much Money Google Flights Cheap Calendar will save?

This hack can easily save you anywhere between $20 to $150 per ticket(!!) just by looking at the airfare offered on other days of the same month or the other month.

The gif below shows that the cheapest ticket for august month is around $250 but once you change the month to September, the same ticket is available for around $180, a saving of $70 per ticket!!

The Gif below shows the working of GoogleFlight Calendar

GoogleFlights Calender save money

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Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, keep on reading to see how you can save more on your flight tickets!

2:Google Flights Multi City

Do not confuse this with the Multi-city where you land in one city and your return home is from another city.

In this hack, you can enter multiple cities that are near your origin or destination and Google Flights will show you from which two cities your flight tickets are the cheapest.

When To Use Google Flights Multi City?

This feature will benefit you if you are willing to drive to the nearby city/airport to board the flight.

In case you have selected multiple cities as destinations, you should be willing to drive from the city you landed to the city you want to visit.

How Much Money Google Flights Multi City will save?

It will totally depend on the city you are traveling from and to. You may well save anywhere between $50 to $200 per ticket!!

For reference, I have taken Houston and Dallas.

Say you are in Houston near to William P Hobby Airport (HOU) and your destination in Dallas is Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), the lowest airfare (the day I searched) was around $490.

Now, add George Bush International airport to your origin and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to your destination, and the ticket cost reduces to $234!!

The Gif below shows the working of Multi City on GoogleFlight, Do read Full detail on How To Get a Cheap Flight with Google MultiCity

Google flights savings

3:Google Flights Date Grid

Similar to the Calendar view, Google fly offers Date Grid as well. Using this you can decide which date combination of To and Fro flight offers you the cheapest ticket.


When To Use Google Flights Date Grid ?

This feature goes beyond the Calendar view, it makes it simple for you to decide which dates to travel, just at a glance! Go ahead and save yourself some of the processing power of your brain!!

How Much Money Google Flights Date Grid will save?

You can save anywhere between $10 to $150 for each ticket!! I tried this on Houston to Dallas and got a saving of around $70!!

Details: Houston to Dallas on Friday, returning on Sunday comes as $240 whereas if you click on the Date Grid view, you can immediately see that the flight cost is just $178 if you start on a Thursday and return on a Monday!

4:Google Flights Search Anywhere

Travel gets adventures here and this may well be the most money-saving hack from Google flights!

In here you just enter your city of departure and let Google select the cheapest flight from your city to anywhere, either domestic or International!!

When To Use Google Flight Search Anywhere?

If you like adventures, blind dating, and are willing to fly to any destination (domestic or International) that has cheap flight tickets, this is the best hack for you.

How Much Money Google Flight Search Anywhere will save?

This will save you as much money as you want!! Just decide how much you are willing to spend on the trip and select a location that suits your budget, isn’t it exciting??

The Gif below shows a sneak peek at how to use Google Search anywhere (Google Flight Explore), for more details do read How To Use Google Flight Search Anywhere

Google flights search anywhere

5:Google Flight Alert

Did not find anything that suits your budget? Well, let Google Flights work it out and alert you once the price drops for the route you are planning to travel.

When To Use Google Flight Tracking And Alert?

In case you are not in a hurry and are willing to wait till the airfare is within your budget, this is the best hack for you. You will get an alert notification in your registered email id while you are busy with other stuff in life.

How Much Money Google Flight Alert will save?

This trick will ensure you travel as per your budget. what that may mean is unlimited savings!!

The Gif below shows how to set the flight tracking alert, for details do read the Guide to Google flight price tracker alert

Google flights alert savings

6:Price Graph From Google Flight

Google seems to love various presentations of the same data, this one is another view of the Calender and Data Grid.

When To Use Google Flights Price Graph?

If you like graphical representation rather than dates on calendars and Data grids, this is the view for you.

How Much Money This Hack will save?

This is the same as Data Grid with a different form of representation. You can save anywhere between $10 to $150 for each ticket!!

The Gif below gives a quick view.

Google Flights Price Graph

7:Google Flights Flexible Dates

Flexibility is the secret to getting cheap airfare. If you are willing to push your travel by a couple of days or weeks, you may find some very cheap flight rates!!

When To Use Google Flights Flexible Dates?

The name itself suggests, if your are flexible with your dates, this one is tailor-made for you.

How Much Money Google Flights Flexible Dates will save?

You can save anywhere between $20 to $200 per ticket with this feature!!

The Gif below shows a quick preview of how to get Flexible dates on google flight, for details do read How To Use Google Flight Flexible Dates

Google flights flexible dates savings


Google flight is a versatile tool that offers so many hacks to get cheap airfare. Just identify which hack is best suitable for you and enjoy your trip!!