SLC-Vegas: $38SLC-Denver: $48
$50 Google flights from Salt Lake

Find cheapest flights from Salt Lake City

Looking for cheap flights from SLC (Salt Lake City)? This post may well be just the thing you are looking for!

To find Cheap airfare using Google Flights from SLC, use the explore tool provided by Google Flights. It will show you all the places that have lowest airfare from SLC.
Scroll down to find the price filter and set it to your planned budget and there you will see all the flights from SLC in your budget!!

Easier said than done? Not really, Keep reading...

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How To Find Cheap Airfare using Google Flights from SLC?

Note: This works best on laptop/desktop not on mobile.

This trick can be used from any city, I have just taken example of SLC to explain it better.

Just Navigate to Google Flights and click on the Explore link at the left hand side.

Now enter SLC as the origin and leave the destination and everything as default.

Cheap Airfare using Google Flights from SLC

Google flights will suggest you the places that has the cheapest flights from SLC.

In case you have a specific budget in your mind for your trip, look for price filter and set it as per your budget and GoogleFlights will show all the places you can travel within your budget!!. Check the image below

If you want to visit some place near to SLC, just zoom in or click on explore nearby and it will show you the places that are near by. 

In case you are looking for far away places, just zoom out so that the full USA map is visible.

You want to look for cheapest international flights from SLA, zoom out more to see the whole world map!!

Even though in this case the flight ticket to LA is being displayed as the cheapest at $57, how to make sure it will not get any cheaper?

How Do You Ensure You Got The Cheapest Flights?

So if you reached till this step, you sure are a budget traveler! Just one more step to confirm…

Click on LA on the map.

At left hand side you will see all the attractions in LA, just scroll down a bit.

It will show you a comparison of the current ticket price from SLA to LA in the scale of low to high, check the GIF below.

Here it clearly shows that the Airfare offered is among the cheapest when compared historically.

Go ahead and book your flight!!

What if that marker would have been on Yellow or Red bar?

Well, that would have meant you will end up paying more for this route, in case you don’t want to do that, I have a solution for you, keep reading…

You can set an alert on this route so that Google Flights will notify you when every there is a price change!

Do read complete Guide to Google flight price tracker alert

And your next step could be to consider the next best place suggested by Google Flights and decide if that is worth a visit at this time.

SLC New Terminal

This video from Jeb gives a walkthrough of the SLC new terminal.

Check out the arrival and departure schedule from SLC airport

Airlines From SLC

Salt lake city is the hub for Delta airlines but all other major airlines also operate from SLC airport.

Major airline allinace like Star Alliance, SkyTeam, OneWorld has its operations from this airport.


Google Flights Explore is the best tool to find the cheapest flights from any place. We just saw how the flights from SLC is cheapest to LA and also cross verified that its not going to be any cheaper!!

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