How to get low carbon emitting flights using GoogleFlights?

Google Flights Carbon Emission is the tool for you if your are among the few who believe their single contribution can make a difference. Do you think of the environment and try to make a conscious effort toward saving it?

You can contribute to this cause while flying by selecting a flight that is lower in carbon emissions.

Google flights carbon emission data provides an excellent insight into what is the carbon emission levels of each flight!

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How To Find Green Flights?

Google flights provide a very easy interface where you can filter by “Low Emissions Only”. You can also see the average CO2 emission by each flight as per your search criteria. 

Even booking a first class or business class seat may add to More Carbon footprint as additional space is provided to these classes at the expense of more seats! 

The gif below shows how you can find the carbon emission of the flight you are searching for and make a conscious decision of avoiding flights that are higher in carbon emission.

GoogleFlights carbon emission

What is Google Flights carbon emission?

Google flights is a website from Google that helps you find the best flights for your need. It provides additional details that will help you make better decisions, Carbon emission is one of them.

Carbon emissions on Google Flights list how much CO2 is emitted by each flight!

You can either filter on “Low Carbon Emission” or view the ratings against each flight like:

Average Emission: This is based on the industry baseline for flights.

+x % Emission: This shows how much extra carbon is emitted by the flight, as compared to the baseline. 

-x% Emission:  This shows how much less carbon is emitted by the flight, as compared to the baseline. 

These ratings are further color-coded to catch your attention at a glance. 

Grey: Emission is neutral, within an acceptable limit

Green: Emission levels are low

Red: Emission levels are on the higher side.

How Green Are Green Flights?

Consisdering the existing technology, when we say Green Flights, we are referring to lesser carbon emission and not Zero Carbon Emission. Its like choosing the lesser evil!

In future when Aeroplanes will start flying on Solar or Hydrogen energy, Air traffic Control, Airports, all the energy consumptions fulfilled via Green energy, that will be true Green flight.


How is the Carbon emission of a flight measured?

Carbon emission is measured against a baseline i.e approx. 3kg of Carbon is created for every Kg of fuel burnt. 
Now its simple maths, The amount of fuel burned during the flight divided by the number of passengers. 

Are low carbon Emission Flights costly?

Well, there is no correlation between flight price and carbon emission, at least at the time of writing this article.
Going forward, If Governments plan to impose a pollution cess on flights that are high in emissions, that may change the equation.


Google flights help you with all the data needed for your flight, you can use the data to make the decision in case carbon emission is one of your concerns.

Don’t feel bad if you are not able to stick to the Green flights, if it occured to you definetly you are concisous of the envoirnment and do your bit in keeping a tab on the pollution.

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