Stop Wasting Money On These Airport Expenses…

Flights are one of the biggest expenses on any trip along with a hotel stay. 

With all the tips and tricks in the world to save money on flights, once you drop at the airport, the un-calculated and at times unplanned expenses just crop up!

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5 Airport Expenses To Avoid

There are few expenses that can be avoided by careful planning and there are few that cannot be avoided.

The list below is my take on what all airport expenses can be avoided:

1. Snacks At Airport:

Reached airport early and now feeling hungry? That’s the exact reason there are food malls at airports but are they pocket-friendly?

The food will always cost more at airports, for various reasons.

Well, instead of going for the full meal, look for some snacks that will keep your stomach quiet till you reach your destination.

It will be even better if you foresaw this situation and carried some sandwiches and fruits or your favorite snack with you.

The better way is to get a free credit/debit card that offers complimentary Airport Lounge access. Just arrive at the airport early, check-in your stuff, and head to the free airport lounge.

2. Airport Cab:

Getting an Uber or any other transport to reach airport is the first thing that occurs, but can we save on this one?

We do have to reach the airport, so look for other options like:

Request a friend to drop you and you can do the same when he needs a drop… win-win

Check the local transport like Metro or Public Bus. It may not be very convenient if you are traveling with lots of luggage though.

Eg. Megabus tickets are very cheap and it may well drop you to connecting Metro!

In case above two did not work, go for Airport cab from travel booking companies instead of Uber. I found the Airport cab drivers to me more knowledgeable of the roads to airport than Uber drivers who mostly rely on Google maps.

3. Currency exchange at Airport

When visiting a foreign country, it’s always advisable to carry some foreign currency. 

Do this from your own country, there are many currency exchange services that will give you much better rates than the Airport currency exchange service.

If you somehow land in a foreign country without its currency, evaluate the option of getting the currency exchange once you are out of the airport.

If it’s not possible, exchange a small amount at the airport and look for better options outside.

4. Buying Simcard at Airport

Well, being connected is one of the basic needs nowadays. You will find many sim card providers at the airport, try to avoid them.

You will get better plans from vendors in the local market than at airports.

5. Buying gifts/souvenirs from Airport

Well, you should definitely carry some souvenirs but better buy them from the local market. The gifts, sweets, or any other stuff will cost a lot more at Airports

Airport Tips:

1. We all know only 300 ml of liquid, even water, is allowed to be carried. Better carry an empty bottle and fill it up after security check in from water fountain instead of buying it from vending machines.

2. If you are a group of 3 and have not pre-booked your seats, try to board early. This way airhostess will allocate you one full row instead of spreading across the plane.

3. In case food will be served during your flight, opt for non-conventional item like Hindu Meal, these special meals are served first then the normal meals are served. This way you can expect your food to be warm!


Should we buy stuff from duty-free at airport?

There are some opinions that duty-free stuff is usually not something that we need, it’s more of luxury stuff. But some of the duty-free stuff can really save you money if you have a taste for it. eg: Scotch or other foreign drinks.


There are times when we just cannot save money, but do make it a habit to look for alternatives. Airports being one of the most costly market place, try avoiding buying stuff from there.

Trips to and from the airport can also be costly as most of the time airports are located out of the city, check for options here as well.

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