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Is Southwest Unaccompanied Minor service good?

Planning to send your minor kid on flight? Southwest Unaccompanied Minor fee is on the lower side and is an excellent choice. 

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Not all airlines allow unaccompanied minors in their flights. As if that was not enough, different airlines have different rules and fee for this service! 

Southwest Unaccompanied Minors

Southwest airlines, one of the best budget airlines do allow Unaccompanied Minors on their flights. 

SWA charges are among the lowest for this service but there are other things that you should know apart from the charges. 

Southwest Unaccompanied Minors Fee

Southwest charges $50 (one way) for each minor who is unaccompanied. This is pretty low fees as compared to other airlines that charges $100-$150 per UM. 

Southwest airlines unaccompanied minors policy

Southwest airlines policy consider kids between 5years to 11years as minors and only this age group can opt for Unaccompanied minors service. 

If this kid is accompanied by a 12year or older kid, UM service is no longer applicable. 

Do read SWA Unaccompanied Minor Policy for details and FAQ’s.

How to get Unaccompanied minors tickets on Southwest airlines?

You can book UM service on SWA either Online or at ticket counter or by Phone. Clearly mention the age of the traveler and provide all the details to avail this service. 


Do unaccompanied minors need Id to fly southwest?

Yes, Id is needed for unaccompanied minors to verify the age and other details as per ticket.

Is Unaccompanied Minor service refundable on Southwest?

Yes, in case the flight is cancelled or delayed and you do not want to take the next flight, UM service fee will be refunded.


Unaccompanied Minor service from Southwest airlines is my preferred way for my kid. Apart from the low airfare and UM service fee, my experience with SWA has always been great.