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Hidden facts about Red Eye flight!!

You can get inexpensive airfare, either normal or cheap red eye flights if you are flexible:

  • Flexible with your dates,
  • Flexible with your time, and
  • Willing to get red-eye during flights!!

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What is a red-eye flight?

Red-eye flights are flights that depart very late at night and arrive very early in the morning, leaving you red-eyed due to a lack of sleep!!

And you are rewarded for your red eye with discounted airfares!!

Sounds interesting? Need more details? Keep on reading…

You will be amazed to find How Much Google Flights saves for you!!

You will be amazed to find How Much Google Flights saves for you!!

While traveling, do you like flights:

  •  that allow you to have a good night’s nap in your bed
  • when you get off the flight, you are still feeling energetic

But if you are a budget traveler, willing to give up on these “worldly” comforts and embrace the path of “red eye flight” you will be rewarded with lower airfares!! 🙂

Do all airlines offer Red Eye Flights?

Do all airlines operate at odd hours? Whatever is your answer to this question will be the answer to the Red eye Flight question!!

Ok, let me be more helpful… there are many airlines that operate at odd hours, but the routes may not be very exhaustive.

There are few platforms like CheapOAir Red Eye flightsalternative airlines red eye flights that actually brand these odd-hour flights as Red Eye flights but I did not find this kind of branding in bigger players like Google Flights, Skyscanner, Expedia etc.

How to book Cheap Red eye flights?

Well, you can use any of your favorite flight booking platforms and set a filter on time (between 12AM to 2AM in departure and 3AM to 5AM in arrival) and you will get a list of airlines that are available for Red eye!!

The booking process is the same as any other booking process.

Sort by airfare or red eye flight?

Well, the ultimate goal is to get a cheap flight ticket, what ever the approach be. To me, it makes sense to sort/filter by cheap flight tickets rather than the red eye flight i.e odd flying hours.

There may be cases where some budget airline or even big airline tickets may be available for less during non red eye flight timings!

Are red eye flights safe?

Well, due to the timings, one may get this flight safety to doubt considering even the pilots and flight attendants who are supposed to be very active are working during these odd hours.

The answer lies in the flight safety rules set by the Government that clearly defines that pilots should have been properly rested before taking up the flight.

Also, there is no data that supports Red eye flight safety is compromised, so rest assured.

Are red-eye flights worth the trouble?

Well, if you are a budget traveler and ultra-budget airlines do not operate in the route you are flying, it do make sense to get on these red-eye flights. 

Do consider the flip side of this flight, you may not be energetic enough once you arrive at your destination, so if what you lose at arrival is more than the money saved, you got your decision!

How to prepare for a red eye flight?

So you decided on a red eye flight, all know its not very convenient but lets put few points together that will make best out of what we have in our hands.

  1. Wear comfortable cloths: Avoid tight fitting cloths or any kind of cloth you are not comfortable sleeping in. You may not get much of a sleep, but at least you will be comfortable.
  2. Stay hydrated: Have plenty of water, and avoid alcohol.
  3. Have a good sleep upfront: Plan your day in such a way that you are able to get a good sleep before the flight.
  4. Have a good dinner: The last thing you may want is to feel hungry at such an unearthly hour!
  5. Try to sleep in the flight: Try hard to get a nap, and listen to your favorite music if that helps.
  6. Arrive early at airport and use lounge facilities: This way you will get adequate rest.


Are red-eye flights the cheapest?

Well, if you compare it with ultra-budget airlines like Spirit or Frontier, then no, red-eye flights are not cheaper but if you exclude the budget airlines then yes, you can save at least $100 per ticket on these flights!!

Why are morning flights cheaper?

Early morning flights or Red eye flights are priced lower as airlines want to encash on these lean flying hours. Another way of saving money by using red-eye flights is you will be able to avoid hotel stay!

Is cheap flight fare legit?

Yes, cheap flight fares are legit but be cautious- if any fare sounds unbelievable, chances are there will be some surprise. So thumb rule, if you are getting cheap flight ticket from a trusted website- go for it. If the website is new, better check the reviews before booking.

Do watch this video that shows the red eye flights in the USA, courtesy Simply Flying YT channel


Red-eye flights are one of the options to fly cheap. Depending on your unique situation, you may decide to go with it or not.