Which App gives best airfare?

With so many apps for aero plane ticket booking, you may get confused which one is the best app for plane tickets booking?

The answer is simple, the app that gets you cheapest plane tickets is the best!!

Well, i know this answer is not very helpful, so let me share my take on the flight booking app and arrange it in the order of best to better…

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What is plane ticket booking app?

With the advent of smart phones, almost all the business worth its name have created mobile apps along with websites.

The mobile apps like skyscanner, momondo etc provide easy to use features in your hand and it works even if the internet speed is not great!

Few appls like Priceline offers App Only discounts as well! It not only offers an incentive to download the app but also promots customer loyalty.

Which Is The Best App For Plane Tickets Booking?

I have been advocating few travel booking websites in my blog that give you the best discounts on your airfare.

Its natural that I recommend the same for flight booking mobile app, but surprise, surprise… that is not the case.

The reason being, the giant Flight search engine Google Flights do not have a mobile app!! You read it correct, the owners of Playstore do not have an app for their own product!!

Secondly, a few mobile apps like Priceline do not offer all the features of website that force me to rank them lower in the order.

So here is my list of best flight ticket booking apps:

1. Skyscanner Mobile App:

Skyscanner provides very easy to use interface in both its mobile app and website. Its app provides all the features available on skyscanner website making it the first choice.

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2. Expedia App:

What I like about Expedia is it rewards its loyal customers. So you may not get the cheapest ticket (or you may), over the period of time Expedia rewards you for your loyalty for sticking with it.

Having said that, it offers a great mobile app for flight booking.

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3.Momondo Mobile App:

With its colorful interface, Momondo app also is very feature rich. The ease of navigation makes it a class apart. I like the positive energy i get from the vibrant colors!

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4. Priceline App:

Priceline App do not have all the features of its website, but if you consider it only for flight booking, it has everything you need.

The app is pretty easy to use and the Express deals on flights can really get you some dirt cheap plane tickets!

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5. Hopper App

This is one app in the list that was designed with Mobile first approach. The fun way it presents the whole process of booking flight is really refreshing.

Its price prediction feature is the USP. Do read features of Hopper that may get you discounted airfare

Here is another perspective on the best app for plane ticket booking, in video format from Rohas Travels.


Does flight booking apps give better discounts?

Few apps offer mobile only deals especially in its initial days of launch to incentivize app installations.


Mobile apps are just a version of flight booking websites website, with the addition of few features that make it pretty quick to complete few of the tasks while on the go.

Hope you found your favorite plane ticekt booking app in my list. 

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