How to find best legroom seats on flight?

Comfortable Flights, Cheap flights, Flights with lower carbon emission… the list goes on. Taking a flight need not be so cumbersome, that is why I have come up with this post to help you Compare Legroom On airlines and decide on which airline to fly with.

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Guide To Airline Legroom Comparison

Google flights help you find not only cheap flights but also the airlines that give you better legroom.

The Legroom feature is not included in Google flights by default, you need to add Legroom  For Google Flights extension and you will see additional column added to the Google flights search results.

The Gif below gives a quick demo

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Compare Legroom on airlines


You may also want to read How To Find Best Seats Using Seat Guru



What is Legroom on Flights?

Legroom, also called as seat pitch, is the distance between two points (same points) when compared with a seat and the seat in front of it.

In simple terms, the space you get to spread your legs while sitting on flight.

The legroom may vary between 28″ to 34″

find best legroom seats on flight

Legroom for Google Flights

Once you have installed the Legroom chrome extension for Google flights, your flight search on Google Flights will provide you additional information about the legroom and the color code gives immediate indication if the legroom is comfortable. 

To Compare legroom on airlines, just keep on scrolling till you find the legroom more suitable for your height.

Airlines with best legroom

Definitely, budget airlines has less legroom as compared to premium airlines. Also, higher class seats offers much better legroom as compared to economy class.

Delta and JetBlue gives you better legroom on most of their flights in economy domestic flights.

Do international flights have more legroom?

International flights need to have more legroom and comfortable seats else passengers will be super annoyed after the long flight.

Among International flights also, Air France, Singapore Airlines provide among the highest leg space.

Legroom for google flights not working

So you have installed the legroom extension but at times after you have searched for flight, the legroom may not be displayed.

Give it one more moment , if still it does not display click on the little drop down at the right hand side.

This may be due to delay in getting the information of that flight.

Airlines ranked by legroom

If you want to do real deep dive about airlines and legroom offered in each class, check out this link from Seat Guru


What is good legroom on a plane?

A good legroom on plane can be better answered by the height chart below:

3.5’2″- 5’4″31″-32″
4.5’5″ and above34″


There is always a tussle between comfort and budget flight seats. Everyone has their own barometer to measure the threshold.

Unless you are very tall, I believe the normal seats offered are pretty fine.

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