Get best legspace on your flights using Seat Guru

While booking a flight, is the seat selection in your mind? It definitely should be as a bad seat may make your air journey a nightmare!

To use SeatGuru To Find Best Seats On Flight, just enter your flight number or airline name along with flight date and it will display you the details about seats in color coded format making it easy to select seats.

But how to identify the best seat on a plane at the time of booking?

Good question, continue reading for the answer…

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How To Use SeatGuru To Find Best Seats On Flight?

The best seat definition may vary from person to person. There are few who always want to have the window seat while there are others who prefer aisle.

Middle seat may not be the most favorite one, but if you are traveling in a group or with family of 3, you may be more comfortable with all sitting together.

Once you figure out what is your definition of a best seat, checkout SeatGuru.

What is SeatGuru?

SeatGuru To Find Best Seats On Flight

SeatGuru, a free website from Tripadvisor, can help you find the best seat in a flight.

You can find the seats either by entering the provider and flight number or the date of travel

By hovering over the seats, you can find additional comments about the seat.

The seat-map is color coded for quick and easy information about the seats.

TripAdvisor acquired SeatGuru in 2007.

What is a good seat on flight?

The parameters that go into to identify a good seat are:

  • Leg room, do read how to find Legroom on flights
  • Seat pitch (its the measurement between one seat back and the same spot on the next seat back).
  • Seats ability to recline
  • Accessibility to power ports
  • Proximity to lavatories
  • Storage options
  • Level of privacy

How to identify a good seat using SeatGuru?

Browse to SeatGuru and enter the airline and flight number or the date of travel

How to identify a good seat using SeatGuru

SeatGuru is very user friendly, the seats are color coded as :

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Standard

The image below gives a sneak peek into what to expect from SeatGuru website.


You may find some of the premium seats marked in yellow or red indicating that these may not be the most comfortable seats.

Just mouse hover over the seat to read additional comments along with the review section.

Does Seat Guru show the amenities in the plane?

Yes, SeatGuru go beyond the seats and also let you know if there is wifi, food, power outlet, audio and video facilities provided on the flight you are searching for.

It also show the number of seats in each category.

Seat Guru review

Seat guru no only shares feedback based on its own algorithm, it also lets you read the review comments posted by the travelers.

Pros and Cons Of SeatGuru

1Its FreeThe seat information may not be 100% accurate
2It covers a huge number of flightsMobile app is not available
3Search by flight number or Origin Destination citiesSome airlines data are not available

Best seat for solo traveler

A solo traveler may like the front seat, so that it quicker to get off the plane once its landed. Depending on your personal preference, a window or an aisle will be a good choice.

Best seat while traveling with family

In case you are traveling with kids or old parents, you may like to sit together and a seat near to lavatory.

While traveling with infant, bulkhead will be more comfortable as it has bassinets.

Best seat for restless traveler

Aisle. This is the best and only option in case you cannot sit for very long and need to take constant walk.

How To Get Best seat for free?

While most of the good things come with a price tag, you may give it a try to get the seat of your liking for free.

1. At the time of booking, few airlines may allow free seat booking.

2. Board early, if with family you may get a complete row for yourself.

3. Use credit card points or frequent travelers to get a preferred seat.


Seat Guru is definitely helpful for people who want to have a comfortable seat. 

You may have to pay for this seat for booking but if comfort is at stake, price may not matter.

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