How to track flight price using Sky scanner?

Many times it so happens that in spite of using all the hacks, you may not find a flight that appeals to you.

Now as a next step, you keep on searching the flight daily or put a Flight Tracker alert on your flight booking site.

Skyscanner flight price tracker provides this facility to track the flight price and informs you via email once the price changes. This is a very handy feature as you can spend your time on other important tasks while automation takes care of flight tracking.

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How to set Flight Tracker On Skyscanner?

Sky scanner flight is a simple to use tool, you will just love its interface. For example, follow these simple steps to set alerts on price:

  1. Browse Skyscanner Flights
  2. Select your city of origin and city of departure
  3. Select dates of travel and hit the search button
  4. On the top left-hand side, you will see a “Get Price Alert” button, click the button
  5. A popup will confirm that the price alert has been set.

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The alert will notify you everytime there is a price change, either upward or downward…

You can also go ahead and set multiple alerts in case you are looking for multiple flights.

How does Skyscanner send a price tracking alert?

Skyscanner uses the email configured in your account. Whenever there is a change in price for the combination you have selected, you will receive an email.

Make sure your email is the one you actively use. Better install the email app on your mobile and turn on the email notification. That way you will have the whole flight tracking at the tip of your finger!

Where is my flight alerts listed?

To view all the alerts you have set in the sky scanner, click on your profile picture (top right-hand corner), it will bring up your profile page.

On the left-hand side menu, you will see the Price Alert menu.

Click on the menu and it will display all the alert set by your account.

If you have set multiple alerts and all the alerts will be visible at this location.

How to delete the Skyscanner flight alert?

Deleting flight price tracking alerts in Skyscanner is very simple. Just navigate to your saved alert and click on the x icon on your alert. It will delete the alert.

Repeat the same process for multiple alert deletion.

You can also set a date range and the alerts will automatically stop once that range is crossed. This is a handy feature and you don’t have to go looking for deleting it.

On the flip side, you may not have found the deal you are looking for and the alert will expire!!

skyscanner flight tracker delete


Why I am not getting a flight tracking alert?

Check if you are checking the email account that is configured for the alert. Also check if the alert has not been deleted or expired.

What is the difference between Sky Scanner and Google Flights Alerts?

There is not much difference between the way Skyscanner and Google Flighs handle alerts. Only thing is both the tools/websites limits the alerts within its own ecosystem i.e it does not go and looke into each others price for alerts.


Automation can definitely reduce a lot of dependency on humans. Skyscanner Flight Tracker is one such very useful automation that will save you a lot of time and some money in your airfare.

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