How to get cheap flights From Phoenix To Las Vegas?

Phoenix to Vegas is not a big distance. If you have option, better travel by road, it will be cheaper and more enjoyable.

But if you are a flight guy, keep reading to find the budget flights between the Sun city and Sin city!

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Are you looking for Flight deals from Phoenix to Las Vegas? You are at the right place!

Phoenix (Arizona) and Las Vegas(Nevada) are neighbor states in the western part of the USA.


Dirt Cheap Flights From Phoenix To Las Vegas

Phoenix is known as the Sun City and Las Vegas as Sin City. Both are very well connected by Roads and Air routes.


In this post, I will be sharing the hacks to get cheap flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas. 

Looking for a road option, check Phoenix to Vegas by Road


Phoenix to Las Vegas flights

There are plenty of flights available from Phoenix Skyharbor airport to Vegas airport. All the major, as well as budget airlines, ply between these states.

Allegiant1hNon Stop
Frontier1hr 15minNon Stop
American1h 10minNon Stop
United3h 30minConnecting
Spirit6h 34minConnecting
SouthWest1h 5minNon Stop


You can either book tickets on your favorite airline or keep on reading to check the cheapest way to get flight tickets.


Phoenix to Las Vegas flight time:

It is a short flight, Flight time is around 1.2 hours to 1.5hours. Time spent on airports extra (Do I sound like a tax man? 😆 )


Phoenix to Las Vegas cheap flights

Frontier is one budget airline where you can get cheap flights from Phoenix to Vegas, airfare starts from $40.

You can use Google flights Graph option or Skyscanner Cheapest month option to grab the rock bottom rates.

Both of them visually show you the rates and you can select the cheapest airfare.

Do note that flexibility and early booking will get you the best airfares.

Last-minute plans? no problem, check Priceline Express Deals on Flights to get the least expensive flight tickets in the given situation.

Read Hacks to get Cheap flight tickets to avail of the low airfare.


Do check out this video about how it is to visit Vegas during Covid (1.5x speed recommended, plz. don’t mind the excess ads!!)


From Sun City to Sin city, there are many options. You can get cheap flights from phoenix to Vegas but the cheapest way is to drive a car or get a $20 Flix bus ticket if you are not hard-pressed for time.

Do comment and let me know if you got a cheap Flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas.

Vegas is the best, any time any day!! 😉

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